Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Written Statement JIS Shared by guard

Jakarta International School ( JIS ) provided an update of their statement to the media regarding the case of sexual violence against AK , one of the kindergarten students JIS . The statement was made in the form of a written statement which is circulated by security guards JIS .

" It releases today. If you have further questions , please call the number that was there ( the leaflets ) or e - mail her , " said one security guard JIS while distributing flyers to reporters , Tuesday ( 22/4 / 2014 ) .

" We have helped the police since the beginning of the investigation process begins . We have also given access to log into the school nearly every day . Our last meeting with them today at 12.00 am , " said Principal Timothy Carr JIS , as written in the release .

In the release , Carr also stated , JIS always welcome any meetings and discussions with KPAI . JIS party claimed to have met the mother KPAI and AK on 14 April 2014 to formulate the best next step for AK and other students .

Previously , Vice Principal Stephen Druggan refused to give any comment related to TK JIS closure . " For any question , please send it to our e - mail , " said Druggan in front of JIS .

The same thing is also said by JIS PR accompanying Daniarti Wusono Druggan . Every question posed to him was always answered with one word , that is e - mail .
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JIS Principal Timothy Carr planned to hold a press conference in front of the gate this afternoon JIS at approximately 17:00 pm . Previously , Carr visited KPAI .


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