Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hope Japan against Indonesia New President

Indonesia will enter a new phase in the country's survival . The presidential election held in the coming months to determine the condition of the country in the future .

Faced with this situation , Japan has its own expectations in view of the presidential election that will determine the new leader . They hope the cooperation between the two countries more closely .

" Relations between the two countries more advanced and we hope to increase, and there is progress . For us , this partnership is very important for both countries , " said Deputy Director General of the Japanese Foreign Ministry 's Foreign Policy Takio Yamada , in Jakarta , Tuesday ( 04/29/2014 ) night .
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He added that such cooperation covers several fields , ranging from politics to economics . As for today many Japanese companies to invest in Indonesia .

" We also want to have peace in this election . We hope the cooperation with Indonesia more smoothly , " he added .

Until now not known candidates who will run for President of Indonesia . However, the international community continues to await the turn of the leaders of this country , including the neighboring countries and Western countries .


Distribution Problem State Exam Reaches 80 Percent

Minister of Education and Culture (Education ) Mohammad Nuh said about the distribution of National Examination ( UN ) High School (SMP ) equivalent has reached 80 percent .

" It's up in the provincial and district / city , " said Education Minister after the launch of electric cars ITS on Tuesday . He added that there are some districts / cities that have not received the national examination , such as Jakarta .
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" For Jakarta deliberately , to the UN until one or two . Problem is printed in Surabaya . Accidentally dated that much , so not long saved , " he explained . Education Minister said that until now , there has been no significant obstacles regarding the preparation of UN SMP equal .

Mentioned about the politicization of the national examination , the Education Minister said he did not know it because it was not seen to the UN . " We certainly hope not exist, " he hoped .

Previously , the high school national examination equivalent to about Indonesian and English , there are questions about the biography of Jakarta Governor who is also the presidential candidate of the Democratic Party of Struggle , Joko Widodo .

It makes some education observers furious because of the politicization of education given indications presidential election will take place on July 9 .

UN SMP equals itself will be held on May 5 to 8 .


Saturday, April 26, 2014

Escaped to Senayan, Nico Siahaan Spend USD 600 Million

Artist who currently go into politics or Nico Siahaan Junico SP Siahaan claimed to spend up to USD 600 million during the campaign as a candidate member of the House of Representatives of the PDI-P .

He fought in the first electoral district of West Java , the city of Bandung and Cimahi .
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"If the total all reached USD 600 million . Was all my personal savings .

The costs of which I use for meetings with citizens and purchase props campaign , " Nico said after attending a post - election discussion Legislature in 2014 at the Institute of Technology Bandung , Saturday ( 04/26/2014 ) , as quoted by Antara .

He said that , since July 2013 , he decided to stay in London in order to get closer to the people in the constituency . As a result, Nico certain pitch to Senayan .

With such success , said Nico , he breaks that legislative candidates from the artists will not be able to succeed in the election .

" Anyway , I introduce Nico prospective member of Parliament who has won 64 thousand voters in the electoral district of West Java I, which includes the city of Bandung and Cimahi , I won the most votes , " said Nico .


Friday, April 25, 2014

Android 's voice command system will be more sophisticated

For some types of Android phones , like the Galaxy Nexus 5 or 5 , the user can taste a sophisticated voice command system . And it will continue to be developed .

Call ' Ok Google ' on the home screen Galaxy Nexus 5 or 5 , then Android can be ordered to do several things . Unlike other phones that typically have to open the application or pressing certain buttons .

Voice command function on Android will continue to be developed , not exclusively for the reminder schedule or declarant cucaca information and points of interest around , but start teringrasi with certain applications .
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Leaks reported by Android Police mentioned that Now the style of accessing Google Galaxy Nexus 5 and S5 could have taken another keperangkat with lower specs . And sophisticated , voice commands can be used while in the application .

When was brosing for example , staying said ' Ok I ' then go to command others to share web pages, take a screenshot , and a few other things . This also applies when the user opens the photo gallery , you can send pictures to other devices simply by voice .

In keselurahn function of the commands Android voice will be much integrated into alikasi . Unfortunately, Google is still silent about these leaks , as quoted on Saturday ( 26/04/2015 ) .


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Written Statement JIS Shared by guard

Jakarta International School ( JIS ) provided an update of their statement to the media regarding the case of sexual violence against AK , one of the kindergarten students JIS . The statement was made in the form of a written statement which is circulated by security guards JIS .

" It releases today. If you have further questions , please call the number that was there ( the leaflets ) or e - mail her , " said one security guard JIS while distributing flyers to reporters , Tuesday ( 22/4 / 2014 ) .

" We have helped the police since the beginning of the investigation process begins . We have also given access to log into the school nearly every day . Our last meeting with them today at 12.00 am , " said Principal Timothy Carr JIS , as written in the release .

In the release , Carr also stated , JIS always welcome any meetings and discussions with KPAI . JIS party claimed to have met the mother KPAI and AK on 14 April 2014 to formulate the best next step for AK and other students .

Previously , Vice Principal Stephen Druggan refused to give any comment related to TK JIS closure . " For any question , please send it to our e - mail , " said Druggan in front of JIS .

The same thing is also said by JIS PR accompanying Daniarti Wusono Druggan . Every question posed to him was always answered with one word , that is e - mail .
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JIS Principal Timothy Carr planned to hold a press conference in front of the gate this afternoon JIS at approximately 17:00 pm . Previously , Carr visited KPAI .


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Thousands Watch Way of the Cross Procession in Ambon

Thousands of Catholics in Ambon on Saturday ( 04/19/2014 ) following the way of the cross procession depicting the passion of Jesus Christ when he was arrested by Roman soldiers crucified at Calvary .

Thousands of Catholics began to pack the page St Francis Xavier Cathedral Church Ambon located on Highway Patimura Table Rock area , District Sirimau , Ambon since morning . This is a dramatization of the process of church arrest , sentencing Jesus to crucifixion began .

Although the weather was very hot , but residents drawn to a close cross street procession involving more than 100 young people from the parish of Santa Maria Bintang Laut Ambon .

The suffering of Jesus is played by one of the youths in Ambon making some residents who witnessed the procession of the cross roads could not stop crying . Especially when a number of Roman soldiers played a number of other young people repeatedly scourged Jesus to the cross he was carrying fell .

Emotional peak occurred when Jesus was crucified at Merdeka is used as the hill of Golgotha ​​. Hundreds of people could not hold back tears and finally crying .

One resident who witnessed the encounter told dramatization touched the cross roads . " I was deeply moved watching this cross road , I could not hold back tears remembering Jesus ' suffering at the time, " said Marlon .

Father Francis Xavier Cathedral Parish Church Ambon , said Theo Amilwatin procession carried the cross road race is a reflection on the suffering of Jesus Christ in redeeming the sins of mankind . He also hopes that the story of Jesus' suffering can be used as momentum to get closer to God .
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" The significance of this procession of the cross street so people can absorb the perceived suffering of Jesus for the sins of mankind , " he said .


Create Student Tablet So Anti-Social

Teacher associations in the UK, the Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL), has recently made a report based on the results of their study that says that the tablet has a negative impact on students.

Most students have difficulty focusing on learning and socializing at school because of addiction tablet play late into the night.

Reported by the BBC page, reports the results of this study were presented at the ATL conference title teachers and parents to the area Machester, England. On that occasion ATL confirms that the role of parents in the home is vital to drive their children to be able to use advanced gadgets responsibly.
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Colin Kinney, a teacher representative from Northern Ireland said, "we do not recommend a ban on wearing high-tech equipment. We also can not assert the existence of a health risk. However, we highlight fears of social isolation and decrease the attention of the students to things that do not exist on the tablet. "

In line with Kinney, a representative of the ATL, Mark Montgomery, elaborated on the need to use high-tech devices like tablets in matters of functional and educational. Thus, the presence of a sophisticated device can be useful for future students, not only as a medium of entertainment.

"It is our duty to ensure that the technology used wisely and productively by creating utilization of technology-based methods pembalajaran. And we must ensure that students not regress and show aggressive and anti-social behavior as the adverse effects of the technology," said Montgomery.


Friday, April 18, 2014

Because Tax The Rich Feel Poor

Because Tax The Rich Feel Poor
The rich certainly not poor . Any amount of tax charged , they are of course still be rich .

Based on data from the IRS is an agency in the U.S. tax authority , the gross income of USD389 thousand , they are considered to have entered into the class of the rich which is only 1 percent of the total U.S. population .

American billionaire high income , need special attention . They need to realize the importance of paying taxes for successful development . Thus was launched from yahoofinance on Friday ( 04/18/2014 ) .
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Indeed , the billionaire 's sure to take into account the risk of its survival in the future , and this is costly . But , this certainly does not make it poor .

In the hypothesis , there was approximately $ 2 million targets are only used for storage to meet their expenses are greater or close it in other developed countries .

Moreover, the U.S. government requires a lot of money to subsidize education to university level . Plus more for health programs in the country .


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Irma Gusman Winning in Polls Democratic Convention

The results of the poll while the presidential candidate of the Democratic Party convention participants performed konvensidemokrat.com pages managed by the Convention Committee until Thursday ( 17/4 ) This puts the DPD Chairman Irman Gusman at the top of the 11 participants of the convention .

Irma was chosen by 37.9 percent of the people who voted on the poll , then former TNI chief Gen. ( ret. ) Endriartono Sutarto chosen by 32.2 percent of the population . Furthermore , Paramadina University rector Anis Baswedan got 12.7 percent , State Enterprises Minister Dahlan Iskan 8.0 percent , former Trade Minister Gita Wirjawan 4.2 percent , Governor of North Sulawesi sinyo Harry Sarundayang 2.1 percent , and former Chief of Staff Force Army Gen. ( Ret. ) Pramod Edihe Wibowo 1.1 percent .

Other participants were House Speaker Marzuki Alie 0.9 percent , CPC members Masykur Ali Musa 0.4 percent , former Indonesian Ambassador to the United States Dino Patti Djalal 0.4 percent , as well as members of the House Democratic Party Hayono Isman 0.2 percent .

Polling conducted konvensidemokrat.com pages by providing opportunities for visitors to vote or "vote " begins on October 18, 2013 and has continued until today .

Democratic Convention which followed 11 participants , began on 5 September 2013 and will run until 26 April 2014 .

Observers of political communication at the University of Indonesia said Ari Junaedi , presidential candidate of the 11 participants Democratic Party convention attendees , there are some potential names for a presidential candidate carried as Irma Gusman , Dahlan Iskan , Gita Wirjawan .

" If the Democrats decide Pramod brings Edhie Wibowo as a presidential candidate , I guess it was forced , because of the low elektabilitasnya , " said Ari Junaedi .
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Meanwhile, the PDI-P politicians , Beathor Suryadi said , at a meeting led PDIP chairperson Megawati Sukarnoputri , the current inventory of the names of prospective vice president ( vice ) , the name Irma Gusman also been called .


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

KPK Investigate Child Luxury Car Ownership 26 ATUT

Corruption Eradication Commission ( KPK ) to investigate 26 luxury cars allegedly belonging Andika Hazrumy and Andiara Aprilia , children Banten Governor Ratu Atut Chosiyah . According to KPK deputy chairman Busyro Muqoddas , tracking 26 luxury cars is included in the process of investigating the possibility ATUT commit money laundering .

" Currently in the process for AML ( money laundering ) Bu ATUT , " said Busyro , via short message received Kompas.com , Wednesday ( 16/04/2014 ) .

Based on reports Reuters 16 April 2014 , Andika and Andiara allegedly controls 26 luxury cars of various types and brands . Commission also plans to ensnare them with articles of money laundering .

Andika which controls 15 units of luxury cars and Andiara which has 11 units of the luxury car , allegedly participated disguise the flow of proceeds of corruption committed their mothers through the purchase of a number of luxury cars and property .

The cars include the Maserati brand , Toyota Vellfire , to Mitsubishi Pajero . The total value of the 26 car is Rp 24 billion .

It was discovered after tracing the Commission 's financial transaction data ATUT families who sniff Center Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis .

KPK also know most of these cars have been transferable since corruption cases procurement of medical equipment in Banten sticking . There was a man with the initials L is known to be an intermediary for the two children ATUT disguise the money that her mother suspected of corruption .

Giving parents

Separately ATUT family lawyer , Tb Sukatma , say , there is no property of the profile of children ATUT suspicious . Neither Andie nor Andiara have reasonable wealth profile . According Sukatma , the flow of funds to the extent of granting both parents to their children . He jga denied if it is referred to as money laundering .

Meanwhile , Reuters said information received , the Commission plans to immediately confiscate the cars were so Andika and Andiara has been named as a suspect AML with his mother .

When confirmed Kompas.com , KPK deputy chairman Bambang Widjojanto said , so far has not been named as a suspect ATUT money laundering . KPK still focus on three cases that ensnared ATUT , ie, the alleged bribe election dispute Lebak , alleged corruption Banten Provincial Government medical devices , and the alleged extortion men .
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" To my knowledge , the investigation at the Commission still full concentration on the Queen ATUT in the capacity as a suspect for suspicion existing sprindiknya , " he said .


President Director of PT IPC II Dicecar about Crane Procurement Worth Rp100 M

JAKARTA - President Director of PT IPC II , Richard Joost Lino , admitted dicecar KPK investigators about procurement project Quay Container Crane in the dock number 2010 . According to Lino , the procurement project worth Rp 100 billion .

" Yes , provision crane , " he said after were questioned on Monday ( 15/04/2014 ) .

According to Lino , procurement Crane Commission diselidik happening in Long Jetty , Palembang and Pontianak .

Lino admitted fact that the procurement process has been conducted since 2007 through an auction , but always failed . " About 6-7 times ( auction ) fails to hold , " said he asserts .
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As a result , said Lino , decided the project was not without auction alias direct appointment . Lino claimed not to break the rules .

"So if the auction fails it could no direct elections . Direct election if still fails too , the direct appointment . Appointment immediately in our rules allow . Accept the consequences if I want to be blamed . According to I am not mistaken , the state benefit , benefit everyone and the price is cheap , "said Lino .

According to Lino , cranes were purchased and imported in 2010. Lino said he should get an award for its success .

" It's coming ( 2010) . 's Why Pontianak and other ports better and fortunately also a lot so you know . Should I say I was given a star , " said Lino .


Monday, April 14, 2014

Election, One Trigger Property Market Weakness

JAKARTA - Indonesia Property Watch ( IPW ) calling the country 's property industry began to experience a slowdown in the early 2014 's .

Property Observer of Indonesia Property Watch ( IPW ) Ali Tranghanda mention , the impact of election although not a major factor slowing the property market , but enough to make the developers do because of the efficiency strategy coincided with slowing property market there .

" The developers chose not to undertake further expansion through 2015 , " he said in Jakarta , Tuesday ( 15/04/2014 ) .

Conditions in this election year is a temporary condition of the property market . Although many people see that there is potential for improvement after the election , but it remains the property market takes time to reach a new equilibrium that is not necessarily directly increases .
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Ali said , the level of property sales in the first quarter of 2014 decreased to 49 percent or Rp2 , 35 trillion . Even for the upper middle segment is expected to decline even higher.

Since the beginning of 2013 , it predicts there will be a slowdown in the residential property market in 2014 and , following the already high price of property and enters the saturation of the market in early 2014 .

" Market cycle that occurs is a normal movement cycle after growth in property prices peaked in the second half of 2013 , " he said .


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Facebook Can Affect view About the Female Body?

Facebook Social media can affect the view of some women against their own bodies , such as when they are looking through a magazine or watching TV .

Recent studies of female college students in the United States ( U.S. ) shows , the more often they use Facebook , chances are they do not like the look itself .

" The study focused on women , especially female students , because they are under pressure to appear a certain way . To her they are also looking for a particular shape . Pressure that comes from the image of media and interaction with peers , " said the lecturer at the University of Strathclyde , UK , Petya Eckler , as reported by Live Science page .

Eckler said , that the researchers wanted to find out if Facebook put pressure on women to look good .

The researchers conducted a survey of 881 female students , with an average age of 24 years , asked about the use of Facebook , their view of the shape of the body , and exercise and eating habits .

Approximately 86 percent of female students surveyed wanted the weight down , this figure is the highest compared to 61 percent of U.S. women who want to lost weight in a national survey cited in the study .

The result according to researchers , the Facebook social media affects the way women view their own body shape and how often compare it with their friends .

The more often a woman playing up , they will be more likely to say that they have given much attention to their physical appearance .

Previous research shows that women in the age range of female students themselves will cancel mark on photos ( untag ) if they do not like their appearance in the photo .

The researchers concluded that there was no link between the amount of time spent playing up the risk of a woman having an eating disorder .

However , Facebook may have further consequences on the female body photo , the researchers say .

" Photos poor body often result in a sense of shame about certain parts of one's body , " said Eckler .
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Eckler emphasizes " the more important message is not to clear up, but manage and learn what you see there , especially the photographs , with a bit of experience . "


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Insomnia sufferers more vulnerable Stroke

People with insomnia are more likely at risk of having a stroke , according to recent studies . Based on the study , the study participants who suffered from insomnia 54 percent higher risk of having a stroke than those who were not diagnosed with a sleep disorder .

The study also found that in people with insomnia aged 18-34 years at risk of a stroke eight times higher than those over the age of 34 years . " Our results support previous findings , the relationship between insomnia and health risks , " said Ya - Wen Hsu , an assistant professor at Chia Nan University of Pharmacy and Science in Taiwan , as reported by LiveScience .
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Hsu said , though insomnia is the most common sleep complaint , people with insomnia should be treated early to prevent other conditions . To arrive at this conclusion , the study researchers studied approximately 21 438 people with insomnia and 64 314 healthy people for four years .

The researchers do not understand how or why insomnia may be associated with an increased risk of stroke . But they speculate sleep disorders can cause inflammation , increase blood pressure , and metabolic deregulation that affect cardiovascular health .


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A Woman Proven to Kill Her partner with heel "Stiletto"

U.S. woman , on Tuesday ( 08/04/2014 ) local time , was convicted of a murder case for repeatedly stabbing a university professor in Texas with high heels or stiletto heels her .

Ana Trujillo showed little emotion when the verdict was read . He now faces up to life in prison for the death of his girlfriend , Alf Stefan Andersson , in June 2013 , reported KPRC television quoted by CNN .

The report said Trujillo Andersson stabbed more than 25 times .

Lawyer Trujillo argues that the prosecution had failed to show the motive of the act , and that Trujillo is a victim of domestic violence . Prosecutors reportedly have told the jury that she fabricated the story as if he was acting in defense of themselves .

According to KPRC reports citing court file , when police arrived at the apartment Andersson , Trujillo , who was working as a massage therapist , opened the door . And his bloody clothes . As Andersson lying in the hallway with the supine position , and stiletto stuck in his head .
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Trujillo has not long to live with Andersson . The woman told investigators that Andersson was pulled and a fight ensued .

Andersson is a research professor at the University of Houston 's Center for Nuclear Receptor Signaling and Cell . In a statement last year , the college said it was " saddened to learn of the tragic death of Professor Stefan Andersson " .