Tuesday, April 15, 2014

President Director of PT IPC II Dicecar about Crane Procurement Worth Rp100 M

JAKARTA - President Director of PT IPC II , Richard Joost Lino , admitted dicecar KPK investigators about procurement project Quay Container Crane in the dock number 2010 . According to Lino , the procurement project worth Rp 100 billion .

" Yes , provision crane , " he said after were questioned on Monday ( 15/04/2014 ) .

According to Lino , procurement Crane Commission diselidik happening in Long Jetty , Palembang and Pontianak .

Lino admitted fact that the procurement process has been conducted since 2007 through an auction , but always failed . " About 6-7 times ( auction ) fails to hold , " said he asserts .
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As a result , said Lino , decided the project was not without auction alias direct appointment . Lino claimed not to break the rules .

"So if the auction fails it could no direct elections . Direct election if still fails too , the direct appointment . Appointment immediately in our rules allow . Accept the consequences if I want to be blamed . According to I am not mistaken , the state benefit , benefit everyone and the price is cheap , "said Lino .

According to Lino , cranes were purchased and imported in 2010. Lino said he should get an award for its success .

" It's coming ( 2010) . 's Why Pontianak and other ports better and fortunately also a lot so you know . Should I say I was given a star , " said Lino .


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