Monday, March 31, 2014

Calculating the Day of the Dead Windows XP

SINCE its launch in 2001 ago , finally the Windows XP operating system that is so entrenched and loved , will soon die. Yes , after 14 years of service , the operating system from Microsoft that will shut down on April 8 . (see also: waptrick)

That is , if the user still keukeh using the operating system ( OS ) Windows XP , after that date , and the problems likely to be experienced users havoc .

Because what , one thing that is feared by Microsoft when users insist on using Windows XP , a lot of the hackers who are preparing to deploy walware .

Of course , this would be detrimental to the user . Therefore, it is natural that Microsoft long ago has often called on the public to immediately stop the world running Windows XP .

Microsoft once said that computers running Windows XP will be vulnerable to malware , hackers will easily hacked , which of course would be detrimental to users with a wide range of unwanted things : the theft of critical data , personal data , even money .

Computer with Windows XP OS will be easily inserted and controlled by the hackers . Cyber ​​criminals might steal important data such as reports or corporate work , personal data such as photos that can be disseminated , and even banking information .

Call it a person to access his bank account online banking using a Windows XP computer . Hackers can track and trace the drain of money in the account balance . Terrible . But it is a new danger in the personal scale .

Not only that , at the same time , the Director of Technology Services Help AG , Nicolai Solling , as reported by Softpedia , warned that most of the antivirus providers will stop releasing updates for Windows XP . Although a number of leading antivirus companies have promised to continue to support Windows XP after April 8. (see also: download wallpapers terbaru)

Outside the warnings , in fact, users of Windows XP is still quite large . In fact , as one operating system from Microsoft is the most successful , according to data from Net Applications released once that Windows XP still control 39 percent of the market . However , all returned to the user . While Microsoft certainly will not shut off directly , but the company that made ​​Bill Gates , will not guarantee the security risk .

source:http://www. okezone .com/

Friday, March 14, 2014

About Birds Cikarak Ear-white

White - eared Myza
Myza sarasinorum ( A.B. Meyer & Wiglesworth , 1895)

description (see also: obat burung)
Medium-sized ( 20 cm ) . Dark patches of bare ears , pale beak rather long , curved downward ; ears purple blotches . Chionogenys Race : white -ear patches . upper body streaked with olive green ( instead of gray ) , lower body streaked with black thicker . Race pholidota : sarasinorum somewhat similar , but the lower body is more gray-brown with black streaks thicker .

Distribution and Race
Endemic to Sulawesi . Consists of three sub - species , with a distribution area :

sarasinorum AB Meyer & Wiglesworth , 1895 - North Sulawesi .
chionogenys Stresemann , 1931 - Sulawesi central part of the northern and central south .
pholidota Stresemann , 1932 - Sulawesi southeast.
Place of Life and Habit
General , except in southern Sulawesi . Inhabit the forest ; 1700-2800 m ( but not south-central Sulawesi below 2200 m and 2000 m in southeastern Sulawesi ) . Replace wastebasket Sulawesi at higher altitudes .
(see also: vitamin burung)

IUCN Red List : Low Risk ( LC )
International trade : -
Protection : Law. 5/1990 , PP. 7/1999


Thursday, March 6, 2014

100 million sharks die each year

Over- fishing threatens the extinction of several species of shark . In a recent study states that there are 100 million sharks die each year .(see also: pakan burung)

" Our analysis shows that about one in 15 sharks killed by fishermen every year , " says study leader Boris Worm , a biology professor at Dalhousie University Canada , said in a statement . " With the increasing demand for shark fins , shark species are now more vulnerable to extinction than ever before .

Based on the available data on mortality and estimates of shark catches illegal , the researchers estimate that 100 million sharks are killed in 2000 and 97 million by 2010 . But because scientists do not have sufficient data on shark catches , they said the actual number of deaths yearly sharks may be between 63 million and 273 million .

Many sharks caught for meat , fish oils and cartilage . In fact often times taken directly from shark fins which are still alive . And in general the shark fin fin soup will be made very tasty . Because sharks have growth and reproduction rates slow , maybe it will give a big loss in the future .

Conservationists say that the depletion of shark populations is alarming , where sharks are apex predators and peranya very important in maintaining the balance of the ecosystem .

" We have seen that if an ecosystem does not have enough predators then this will cause an imbalance in the ecosystem that flows up to the level of marine plants , " said Mike Heithaus , a biologist from Florida International University .(see also: pakan burung kacer)

According to the University of Florida International Shark Attack File , the Sharks have a problem that may be reducing their chances of survival . In a study published last year , a lot of social media reported several incidents of shark attacks on humans . In 2012 , there were 80 shark attacks reported worldwide , but only seven of them are deadly .