Saturday, June 7, 2014

Ganjar: We Must Spread That Jokowi are good candidates

Ganjar: We Must Spread That Jokowi are good candidates

Chairman of volunteers winning presidential and vice presidential candidates Joko Widodo Jusuf Kalla-Central Java, Ganjar Pranowo, invites volunteers not vilify other candidate. He invited the volunteers spread plus Jokowi-JK.

Central Java Governor explained, as the community that supports Jokwi become president then must be dismissed ugly issues aimed at the former mayor of Solo.
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"We do not need to bad-mouth the other presidential candidates. We should be able to preach to the family, neighbors, friends, and others, that Jokowi is a good presidential candidate. He is also honest and in favor of the people, "said Ganjar the speeches in the declaration of the winning team Jokowi-JK, Madya Stadium in Kendal, Central Java, on Saturday (7/6).

Ganjar wearing a red shirt and blue jeans in his speech said, Jokowi bocahe dewe. Thin body like a rabble.

To that end, Ganjar who also served as governor of Central Java is asserted, karaena Jokowi is bocahe dewe then be selected and supported became president from 2014 to 2019.

"Jokowi was the same with us. Badanya thin and innocent. Jokowi bocahe dewe, it must be selected and supported to be president, "said Ganjar.

Ganjar added, in accordance with the wishes of the people of Central Java, Jokowi-JK, must be won by a 60 to 80 percent.

In addition to winning volunteers attended by the chairman of Jokowi-JK, Ganjar Pranowo, declaration of the winning team Jokowi-JK in Kendal, was also attended by the chairman of the DPD PDIP Central Java, Heru Sudjatmiko, Chairman DPC PDIP Widya Kandi Susanti, and also some of the bearer party chairman Jokowi-JK in Kendal.


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

G1X Mark II , Canon Compact Camera Mainstay

Canon's flagship pocket camera is ready to sell in Indonesia, the G1X Mark II . Through the sole distributor of Canon cameras in Indonesia , Datascrip , pocket camera that sold for USD 8.65 million from mid- June 2014 .

Assistant Marketing Manager of Image Communication Products Canon Singapore , Archie Yeow , saying that G1X Mark II became successor G1X products launched in the past two years .( Read: membuat cetakan aluminium )

" We dare to sell an expensive product because it has a compact shape and good image quality , even in macro shooting distance of 5 cm , " he said in a press conference in Pantara Island , Thousand Islands , Jakarta , Wednesday ( 06/04/2014 ) .

G1X Mark II is a compact camera with a large sensor , which is 1.5 inches , or nearly equivalent APS - C . The number is much larger than compact cameras in general are in the range of 1/1 , 7 inches .

One of the most important changes are applied to the lens now has a range of 24 - 120mm ( 35mm equivalent ) f/2.0-3.9 with openings . Archie claims , produce quality and compact lens with aperture as wide as it is not an easy job .

Previously , the PowerShot G1X first generation 28 - 112mm equivalent lens with f/2.8-5.6 aperture .

Another change came in the form of a sensor resolution of 14 megapixels trimmed to 12 megapixels . However, the better the picture quality of the catch . Chip image processor used is the Digic 6 .

PowerShot G1X Mark II also eliminates the previous optical viewfinder commonly found on the Canon PowerShot G series Instead , Canon provides electronic viewfinder accessories that can be purchased separately .(Read: harga lampu surya )

Another feature that is also owned G1X II and must be present in today's digital cameras are WiFi connectivity and NFC .

KompasTekno had tested these products when they attend the launch event in Yokohama , Japan .


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

In Bandung, Prabowo-Hatta Will Declaration Success Team Se-West Java

Pair candidates for president and vice president of the coalition shaft Gerindra , Prabowo and Hatta Rajasa , will get around Bandung , West Java , on Wednesday ( 05/28/2014 ) . In Parisj van Java , they will also hold a declaration of a successful team winning the presidential election of the entire region in West Java .

" Tomorrow ( today, red ) , we 'll declaration successful team - Hatta Prabowo 's Monument . Declaration will be immediately attended by the vice - presidential mate Prabowo and Hatta Rajasa , " said team leader Prabowo Success - Hatta West Java is also a Governor West Java , Ahmad Heryawan , Tuesday ( 27/05/2014 ) .
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Monument at the location of the declaration which will be located in Dipatiukur Street , City of London . Will present in this declaration , called Heryawan , the entire success of the provincial team and city districts in West Java .

Heryawan mention also , officials bearer party of six couples Prabowo and Hatta will also be present . The pair carried Gerindra with the National Mandate Party , the United Development Party , the Prosperous Justice Party , the Golkar Party , and the Crescent Star Party . " It would be present ( also ) 5,000 cadres sympathizers , " said Heryawan .

Optimistic triumphed in West Java

With this declaration , said Heryawan , team success throughout West Java form to be completed within three to six days. He was optimistic that the supported spouse will be able to gain a significant voice in West Java .

In West Java , mate Prabowo - Hatta has also received support from 60 senior figures in the province . Among them are Tjetje Padmadinata , Uu Rukmana , Popong Otje Djungdjunan , Chairman of Viking Club Heru Joko , and artist Doel Contribute . In addition , the regional heads of the bearer party from the six - mate Prabowo diekerahkan Hatta will also be a successful team in each region .

Some regional head of the party in this coalition is Bandung Mayor Ridwan Kamil , Cimahi Mayor Atty suharti , Bogor Mayor Bima Arya , Tasikmalaya Mayor Budiman , Depok Mayor Nur Mahmudi Ismail , the Regent of Bandung Dada M Nasser , Tasikmalaya regent Uu Ruzhanul Ulum , Ana Sofanah Indramayu Regent , and Regent of Purwakarta Deddy Mulyadi .

Prabowo agenda - Hatta Bandung

Chairman of the Council Gerindra West Java , Ferry J Juliantono , who is also the Secretary - Hatta Prabowo winning team in West Java declares Prabowo will move early in Bandung than Hatta . According to Ferry , Prabowo will first follow Rapimnas KNPI Grand Royal Panghegar , Jalan Merdeka , at 10:00 am .

KNPI event , further Ferry , Prabowo will visit the New Market in Jalan Merdeka and a kindergarten near the market in the center of Bandung 's numbers . At 12.00 pm , Prabowo would pray Dhuhr in Pusdai Mosque in Jalan Diponegoro .

Prabowo will meet Hatta at a luncheon at the Leaves Alas meal . " After lunch , Mr Prabowo and Mr. Hatta will attend the declaration of a successful team ( Prabowo - Hatta level West Java ) at the Monument to the Resistance , " Ferry said .


Sunday, May 25, 2014

Birthday, Kendal Regent Ask "Gift" so Damaged Roads Repaired

Regent Kendal , Central Java , Widya Kandi Susanti , 50th birthday , Monday ( 26/05/2014 ) .
In a small ceremony in Kendal Regency Hall which was attended by a number of Local Government Unit Chief and his staff , Widya say a big thank you to his officers and asked for a " gift " .

Widya the 50th anniversary of the , requested that the damaged roads repaired immediately .

" To the relevant agencies that handle the road , I 'm so damaged roads repaired immediately , " he said .
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Damage to roads in Kendal is getting worse , while the auction process has not been completed . Therefore, the improvement has not been done .

Though regency , had budgeted Rp 100 billion in the 2014 budget and Rp 100 billion in budget changes .

Widya is celebrating his birthday without his family was also attended by apologizing to the people of Kendal district , which disrupted activity by damaged roads .
Widya promised , after the auction is completed , damaged roads repaired immediately .

" The road is damaged , must be repaired . We have budgeted repair the road damage , " he added .


Friday, May 23, 2014

Anti-Rabies Vaccine Findings Airlangga It Produced

Anti - rabies vaccine immunology expert findings / virology University of Airlangga ( Airlangga University), Surabaya Prof. Dr. drh Suwarno MSi Sanbe Farma PT already produced and circulated in the community .

" I found the ' seed vaccine ' ( vaccine candidates ) rabies in 2012 and thank God already produced Sanbe Farma PT this year ( 2014 ) , " said the professor who has nine patents it in Surabaya , on Friday .

Ahead of his inauguration as professor of Airlangga University and colleagues Prof. Dr. Ma'at drs Suprapto Apt MS and Prof. Dr. Beautiful S Tantular Kes ( parasitology ) on May 24, 2014 , he describes his discovery of rabies vaksien using local isolates .
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" I'm using isolates ( bacteria isolated ) from the local Toraja Land , because I have tested some local isolates , was isolated from Tanah Toraja most stable , " said the professor of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine ( FKH ) Airlangga it .

According to him , the rabies vaccine that has been used animal lovers in Indonesia is imported from France , whereas the type of bacteria that rabies virus is very different from the type of France and Indonesia , because it is also a low level of similarity .

"If the degree of similarity of the bacterial type of virus is low , the cure rate is also low . Levels similarities with Indonesian French bacterium was only 38 percent , while the level of similarity with the local type reached 96 percent , " he said .

Therefore , he said , with a cure rate of vaccine using local isolates could reach 100 percent , because of the degree of similarity of type of bacteria it is very high up to 96 percent , so health officials and animal lovers now have a better alternative vaccines .

In addition to the rabies vaccine , he already has a patent for a diagnostic ELISA kits , including tips diagnostic ELISA for avian influenza ( bird ) , rabies ( dog ) , infectious bronchitis , brucellois ( cow ) , and so on .

He also examined serum derived from egg yolk to avian influenza .

Meanwhile , other than immunologist Airlangga University Prof Dr Apt MS Ma'at Suprapto drs said he has found that the anthrax vaccine is now causing Indonesia free from foot and mouth disease in cattle .

" I found the vaccine in 1980 and has been used for mass vaccination foot and mouth disease ( FMD ) in cattle in 1982 , so that Indonesia is now free from FMD and the vaccine has been discontinued so as not to spread the bacteria again , " he said .

Outside expertise , the professor who never learned about the technique of making the virus in Australia and the UK as well as serological study transplant in the Philippines was also found herbal remedies to boost immune (immune system ) that Stimuno .

" Medicinal herbal extracts meniran of clinical trials that have been experienced in the 30s hospital at a cost of billions , so be fitofarmaka ( herbs that have been clinically tested and can be used with a doctor's prescription ) , " he said .

Until now , herbal medicine has become phytopharmaca in Indonesia there are only five herbal remedies , among Stimuno and PSIDII .

"If it PSIDII of guava leaf extract and can be used to overcome dengue fever , because it can increase platelet quickly , " he said .


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Refined sugar perk to Market, RNI Request Assertiveness Governor

Seepage refined sugar beat sugar farmers assessed due to the lack of firmness in the central government's action against the perpetrators .

" The Ministry of Commerce is continuing to provide an import permit , import , imports , whereas stock enough . 's What makes the sale of sugar cane ( farmer ) is difficult , " said President Director of PT Rajawali Nusantara Indonesia ( Persero ) Ismed Hasan Putro , to , ( 22 / 5/2014 ) .

He said the absence of restrictions on the entry of foreign sugar cane farmers threaten , and even raises the possibility of leakage .
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Ismed was confirmed, to this day there has never been about the firmness of the central government circulation of refined sugar .

However, according to him , the central government indecision in limiting the circulation of imported sugar , should be confirmed by local governments ( LGs ) .
Ismed appreciate what has been done Governor of East Java , Sukarwo , which banned the import of sugar .

" Only the brave malarang Java . Jabar , Central Java , baseball is . Aher I hope Pak Pak Pak Karwo Ganjar could emulate . So , if the government its barren , local governments are expected to be in action . Kan existing regional autonomy , " he said .


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Somalia's al Shabaab kills 12 Warg accused Kenya

The suspect al Shabaab militants killed at least 12 people in an attack in northern Kenya on Monday , a day after Kenyan jets pounded hard group 's base in the border . So says a police officer for disaster .

The east African country , which mengirm troops into Somalia in October 2011 to pursue the rebels , suffered a series of gun attacks , bombs and grenades . Attacks blamed on al Shabaab , including an attack in the capital , Nairobi , on Friday.
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Britain , the United States and other Western governments warned travelers not to visit Kenya .

" A total of 12 people , among them three members of reserve policemen were killed in an attack in Mandera Region al Shabaab militia on Monday evening , " said National Disaster Operations Center ( NDoc ) in government-run Twitter.

NDoc mengatakaan two police vehicles were destroyed . The members of the police reserve along with police and unusual in official uniform but sometimes wear a uniform jackets .

Mandera area , near the border with Ethiopia and Somalia , hit by an attack that increased tension , with inter- tribal clashes in which hundreds of people were displaced last year .

The area was a flood of weapons due to its proximity to Somalia where al Shabaab insurgents to overthrow the government .