Saturday, April 12, 2014

Facebook Can Affect view About the Female Body?

Facebook Social media can affect the view of some women against their own bodies , such as when they are looking through a magazine or watching TV .

Recent studies of female college students in the United States ( U.S. ) shows , the more often they use Facebook , chances are they do not like the look itself .

" The study focused on women , especially female students , because they are under pressure to appear a certain way . To her they are also looking for a particular shape . Pressure that comes from the image of media and interaction with peers , " said the lecturer at the University of Strathclyde , UK , Petya Eckler , as reported by Live Science page .

Eckler said , that the researchers wanted to find out if Facebook put pressure on women to look good .

The researchers conducted a survey of 881 female students , with an average age of 24 years , asked about the use of Facebook , their view of the shape of the body , and exercise and eating habits .

Approximately 86 percent of female students surveyed wanted the weight down , this figure is the highest compared to 61 percent of U.S. women who want to lost weight in a national survey cited in the study .

The result according to researchers , the Facebook social media affects the way women view their own body shape and how often compare it with their friends .

The more often a woman playing up , they will be more likely to say that they have given much attention to their physical appearance .

Previous research shows that women in the age range of female students themselves will cancel mark on photos ( untag ) if they do not like their appearance in the photo .

The researchers concluded that there was no link between the amount of time spent playing up the risk of a woman having an eating disorder .

However , Facebook may have further consequences on the female body photo , the researchers say .

" Photos poor body often result in a sense of shame about certain parts of one's body , " said Eckler .
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Eckler emphasizes " the more important message is not to clear up, but manage and learn what you see there , especially the photographs , with a bit of experience . "


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