Friday, April 25, 2014

Android 's voice command system will be more sophisticated

For some types of Android phones , like the Galaxy Nexus 5 or 5 , the user can taste a sophisticated voice command system . And it will continue to be developed .

Call ' Ok Google ' on the home screen Galaxy Nexus 5 or 5 , then Android can be ordered to do several things . Unlike other phones that typically have to open the application or pressing certain buttons .

Voice command function on Android will continue to be developed , not exclusively for the reminder schedule or declarant cucaca information and points of interest around , but start teringrasi with certain applications .
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Leaks reported by Android Police mentioned that Now the style of accessing Google Galaxy Nexus 5 and S5 could have taken another keperangkat with lower specs . And sophisticated , voice commands can be used while in the application .

When was brosing for example , staying said ' Ok I ' then go to command others to share web pages, take a screenshot , and a few other things . This also applies when the user opens the photo gallery , you can send pictures to other devices simply by voice .

In keselurahn function of the commands Android voice will be much integrated into alikasi . Unfortunately, Google is still silent about these leaks , as quoted on Saturday ( 26/04/2015 ) .

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