Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Distribution Problem State Exam Reaches 80 Percent

Minister of Education and Culture (Education ) Mohammad Nuh said about the distribution of National Examination ( UN ) High School (SMP ) equivalent has reached 80 percent .

" It's up in the provincial and district / city , " said Education Minister after the launch of electric cars ITS on Tuesday . He added that there are some districts / cities that have not received the national examination , such as Jakarta .
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" For Jakarta deliberately , to the UN until one or two . Problem is printed in Surabaya . Accidentally dated that much , so not long saved , " he explained . Education Minister said that until now , there has been no significant obstacles regarding the preparation of UN SMP equal .

Mentioned about the politicization of the national examination , the Education Minister said he did not know it because it was not seen to the UN . " We certainly hope not exist, " he hoped .

Previously , the high school national examination equivalent to about Indonesian and English , there are questions about the biography of Jakarta Governor who is also the presidential candidate of the Democratic Party of Struggle , Joko Widodo .

It makes some education observers furious because of the politicization of education given indications presidential election will take place on July 9 .

UN SMP equals itself will be held on May 5 to 8 .


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