Thursday, April 10, 2014

Insomnia sufferers more vulnerable Stroke

People with insomnia are more likely at risk of having a stroke , according to recent studies . Based on the study , the study participants who suffered from insomnia 54 percent higher risk of having a stroke than those who were not diagnosed with a sleep disorder .

The study also found that in people with insomnia aged 18-34 years at risk of a stroke eight times higher than those over the age of 34 years . " Our results support previous findings , the relationship between insomnia and health risks , " said Ya - Wen Hsu , an assistant professor at Chia Nan University of Pharmacy and Science in Taiwan , as reported by LiveScience .
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Hsu said , though insomnia is the most common sleep complaint , people with insomnia should be treated early to prevent other conditions . To arrive at this conclusion , the study researchers studied approximately 21 438 people with insomnia and 64 314 healthy people for four years .

The researchers do not understand how or why insomnia may be associated with an increased risk of stroke . But they speculate sleep disorders can cause inflammation , increase blood pressure , and metabolic deregulation that affect cardiovascular health .


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