Saturday, April 19, 2014

Thousands Watch Way of the Cross Procession in Ambon

Thousands of Catholics in Ambon on Saturday ( 04/19/2014 ) following the way of the cross procession depicting the passion of Jesus Christ when he was arrested by Roman soldiers crucified at Calvary .

Thousands of Catholics began to pack the page St Francis Xavier Cathedral Church Ambon located on Highway Patimura Table Rock area , District Sirimau , Ambon since morning . This is a dramatization of the process of church arrest , sentencing Jesus to crucifixion began .

Although the weather was very hot , but residents drawn to a close cross street procession involving more than 100 young people from the parish of Santa Maria Bintang Laut Ambon .

The suffering of Jesus is played by one of the youths in Ambon making some residents who witnessed the procession of the cross roads could not stop crying . Especially when a number of Roman soldiers played a number of other young people repeatedly scourged Jesus to the cross he was carrying fell .

Emotional peak occurred when Jesus was crucified at Merdeka is used as the hill of Golgotha ​​. Hundreds of people could not hold back tears and finally crying .

One resident who witnessed the encounter told dramatization touched the cross roads . " I was deeply moved watching this cross road , I could not hold back tears remembering Jesus ' suffering at the time, " said Marlon .

Father Francis Xavier Cathedral Parish Church Ambon , said Theo Amilwatin procession carried the cross road race is a reflection on the suffering of Jesus Christ in redeeming the sins of mankind . He also hopes that the story of Jesus' suffering can be used as momentum to get closer to God .
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" The significance of this procession of the cross street so people can absorb the perceived suffering of Jesus for the sins of mankind , " he said .


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