Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hope Japan against Indonesia New President

Indonesia will enter a new phase in the country's survival . The presidential election held in the coming months to determine the condition of the country in the future .

Faced with this situation , Japan has its own expectations in view of the presidential election that will determine the new leader . They hope the cooperation between the two countries more closely .

" Relations between the two countries more advanced and we hope to increase, and there is progress . For us , this partnership is very important for both countries , " said Deputy Director General of the Japanese Foreign Ministry 's Foreign Policy Takio Yamada , in Jakarta , Tuesday ( 04/29/2014 ) night .
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He added that such cooperation covers several fields , ranging from politics to economics . As for today many Japanese companies to invest in Indonesia .

" We also want to have peace in this election . We hope the cooperation with Indonesia more smoothly , " he added .

Until now not known candidates who will run for President of Indonesia . However, the international community continues to await the turn of the leaders of this country , including the neighboring countries and Western countries .


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