Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Somalia's al Shabaab kills 12 Warg accused Kenya

The suspect al Shabaab militants killed at least 12 people in an attack in northern Kenya on Monday , a day after Kenyan jets pounded hard group 's base in the border . So says a police officer for disaster .

The east African country , which mengirm troops into Somalia in October 2011 to pursue the rebels , suffered a series of gun attacks , bombs and grenades . Attacks blamed on al Shabaab , including an attack in the capital , Nairobi , on Friday.
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Britain , the United States and other Western governments warned travelers not to visit Kenya .

" A total of 12 people , among them three members of reserve policemen were killed in an attack in Mandera Region al Shabaab militia on Monday evening , " said National Disaster Operations Center ( NDoc ) in government-run Twitter.

NDoc mengatakaan two police vehicles were destroyed . The members of the police reserve along with police and unusual in official uniform but sometimes wear a uniform jackets .

Mandera area , near the border with Ethiopia and Somalia , hit by an attack that increased tension , with inter- tribal clashes in which hundreds of people were displaced last year .

The area was a flood of weapons due to its proximity to Somalia where al Shabaab insurgents to overthrow the government .


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