Sunday, May 25, 2014

Birthday, Kendal Regent Ask "Gift" so Damaged Roads Repaired

Regent Kendal , Central Java , Widya Kandi Susanti , 50th birthday , Monday ( 26/05/2014 ) .
In a small ceremony in Kendal Regency Hall which was attended by a number of Local Government Unit Chief and his staff , Widya say a big thank you to his officers and asked for a " gift " .

Widya the 50th anniversary of the , requested that the damaged roads repaired immediately .

" To the relevant agencies that handle the road , I 'm so damaged roads repaired immediately , " he said .
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Damage to roads in Kendal is getting worse , while the auction process has not been completed . Therefore, the improvement has not been done .

Though regency , had budgeted Rp 100 billion in the 2014 budget and Rp 100 billion in budget changes .

Widya is celebrating his birthday without his family was also attended by apologizing to the people of Kendal district , which disrupted activity by damaged roads .
Widya promised , after the auction is completed , damaged roads repaired immediately .

" The road is damaged , must be repaired . We have budgeted repair the road damage , " he added .


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