Friday, May 2, 2014

Society Must be Ready Around Mount Slamet flee

Regent Banyumas, Ahmad Hussein, asked people living in villages closest to Mount Slamet in order to anticipate the worst.

Especially when the danger status of Mount Slamet reached the highest level 'Caution' and the PVMBG recommended that the residents to evacuate.
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'' If there is an evacuation instruction, the community must be ready,'' he said, Friday (2/5).

Regent also admitted that he had called on all parties in the team under the coordination of disaster management BPBDs (Disaster Management Agency) Banyumas, increase kesiagaannya.

Especially BPBDs need intensive socialization about the steps that must be made public in the event of a disaster.

'' Thus, the next time there is an evacuation instruction, everything was ready.

Society and the officers are no longer confused about rallying point, evacuation routes and locations of evacuation.

Do not let happen maze of information,'' he said.


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