Friday, May 23, 2014

Anti-Rabies Vaccine Findings Airlangga It Produced

Anti - rabies vaccine immunology expert findings / virology University of Airlangga ( Airlangga University), Surabaya Prof. Dr. drh Suwarno MSi Sanbe Farma PT already produced and circulated in the community .

" I found the ' seed vaccine ' ( vaccine candidates ) rabies in 2012 and thank God already produced Sanbe Farma PT this year ( 2014 ) , " said the professor who has nine patents it in Surabaya , on Friday .

Ahead of his inauguration as professor of Airlangga University and colleagues Prof. Dr. Ma'at drs Suprapto Apt MS and Prof. Dr. Beautiful S Tantular Kes ( parasitology ) on May 24, 2014 , he describes his discovery of rabies vaksien using local isolates .
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" I'm using isolates ( bacteria isolated ) from the local Toraja Land , because I have tested some local isolates , was isolated from Tanah Toraja most stable , " said the professor of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine ( FKH ) Airlangga it .

According to him , the rabies vaccine that has been used animal lovers in Indonesia is imported from France , whereas the type of bacteria that rabies virus is very different from the type of France and Indonesia , because it is also a low level of similarity .

"If the degree of similarity of the bacterial type of virus is low , the cure rate is also low . Levels similarities with Indonesian French bacterium was only 38 percent , while the level of similarity with the local type reached 96 percent , " he said .

Therefore , he said , with a cure rate of vaccine using local isolates could reach 100 percent , because of the degree of similarity of type of bacteria it is very high up to 96 percent , so health officials and animal lovers now have a better alternative vaccines .

In addition to the rabies vaccine , he already has a patent for a diagnostic ELISA kits , including tips diagnostic ELISA for avian influenza ( bird ) , rabies ( dog ) , infectious bronchitis , brucellois ( cow ) , and so on .

He also examined serum derived from egg yolk to avian influenza .

Meanwhile , other than immunologist Airlangga University Prof Dr Apt MS Ma'at Suprapto drs said he has found that the anthrax vaccine is now causing Indonesia free from foot and mouth disease in cattle .

" I found the vaccine in 1980 and has been used for mass vaccination foot and mouth disease ( FMD ) in cattle in 1982 , so that Indonesia is now free from FMD and the vaccine has been discontinued so as not to spread the bacteria again , " he said .

Outside expertise , the professor who never learned about the technique of making the virus in Australia and the UK as well as serological study transplant in the Philippines was also found herbal remedies to boost immune (immune system ) that Stimuno .

" Medicinal herbal extracts meniran of clinical trials that have been experienced in the 30s hospital at a cost of billions , so be fitofarmaka ( herbs that have been clinically tested and can be used with a doctor's prescription ) , " he said .

Until now , herbal medicine has become phytopharmaca in Indonesia there are only five herbal remedies , among Stimuno and PSIDII .

"If it PSIDII of guava leaf extract and can be used to overcome dengue fever , because it can increase platelet quickly , " he said .


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