Wednesday, June 4, 2014

G1X Mark II , Canon Compact Camera Mainstay

Canon's flagship pocket camera is ready to sell in Indonesia, the G1X Mark II . Through the sole distributor of Canon cameras in Indonesia , Datascrip , pocket camera that sold for USD 8.65 million from mid- June 2014 .

Assistant Marketing Manager of Image Communication Products Canon Singapore , Archie Yeow , saying that G1X Mark II became successor G1X products launched in the past two years .( Read: membuat cetakan aluminium )

" We dare to sell an expensive product because it has a compact shape and good image quality , even in macro shooting distance of 5 cm , " he said in a press conference in Pantara Island , Thousand Islands , Jakarta , Wednesday ( 06/04/2014 ) .

G1X Mark II is a compact camera with a large sensor , which is 1.5 inches , or nearly equivalent APS - C . The number is much larger than compact cameras in general are in the range of 1/1 , 7 inches .

One of the most important changes are applied to the lens now has a range of 24 - 120mm ( 35mm equivalent ) f/2.0-3.9 with openings . Archie claims , produce quality and compact lens with aperture as wide as it is not an easy job .

Previously , the PowerShot G1X first generation 28 - 112mm equivalent lens with f/2.8-5.6 aperture .

Another change came in the form of a sensor resolution of 14 megapixels trimmed to 12 megapixels . However, the better the picture quality of the catch . Chip image processor used is the Digic 6 .

PowerShot G1X Mark II also eliminates the previous optical viewfinder commonly found on the Canon PowerShot G series Instead , Canon provides electronic viewfinder accessories that can be purchased separately .(Read: harga lampu surya )

Another feature that is also owned G1X II and must be present in today's digital cameras are WiFi connectivity and NFC .

KompasTekno had tested these products when they attend the launch event in Yokohama , Japan .


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