Monday, March 31, 2014

Calculating the Day of the Dead Windows XP

SINCE its launch in 2001 ago , finally the Windows XP operating system that is so entrenched and loved , will soon die. Yes , after 14 years of service , the operating system from Microsoft that will shut down on April 8 . (see also: waptrick)

That is , if the user still keukeh using the operating system ( OS ) Windows XP , after that date , and the problems likely to be experienced users havoc .

Because what , one thing that is feared by Microsoft when users insist on using Windows XP , a lot of the hackers who are preparing to deploy walware .

Of course , this would be detrimental to the user . Therefore, it is natural that Microsoft long ago has often called on the public to immediately stop the world running Windows XP .

Microsoft once said that computers running Windows XP will be vulnerable to malware , hackers will easily hacked , which of course would be detrimental to users with a wide range of unwanted things : the theft of critical data , personal data , even money .

Computer with Windows XP OS will be easily inserted and controlled by the hackers . Cyber ​​criminals might steal important data such as reports or corporate work , personal data such as photos that can be disseminated , and even banking information .

Call it a person to access his bank account online banking using a Windows XP computer . Hackers can track and trace the drain of money in the account balance . Terrible . But it is a new danger in the personal scale .

Not only that , at the same time , the Director of Technology Services Help AG , Nicolai Solling , as reported by Softpedia , warned that most of the antivirus providers will stop releasing updates for Windows XP . Although a number of leading antivirus companies have promised to continue to support Windows XP after April 8. (see also: download wallpapers terbaru)

Outside the warnings , in fact, users of Windows XP is still quite large . In fact , as one operating system from Microsoft is the most successful , according to data from Net Applications released once that Windows XP still control 39 percent of the market . However , all returned to the user . While Microsoft certainly will not shut off directly , but the company that made ​​Bill Gates , will not guarantee the security risk .

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