Monday, February 24, 2014

Mozilla Will Smartphones Production Rp 300 thousands

Predicted price of smartphones that will be getting cheaper and affordable by all people seem no longer wishful thinking . Mozilla has signed an agreement to deliver cheap smartphone for U.S. $ 25 or about USD 300 thousand
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The plan provides a cheap smart phone with Mozilla 's done a Chinese mobile phone manufacturer , Spreadstrum . Indeed , at this time Spreadstrum still not widely known as a manufacturer of mobile phones .

Even so , a common vision between Mozilla and Spreadstrum make both companies interested in cooperation . One of the two main missions is to provide smartphones to consumers as cheaply as possible .

Cheap price for a smartphone is not impossible to realize. According to that reported by GSM Arena , the presence of Cortex A5 chipset architecture : SC6821 managed to push the price of the phone dropped to the lowest point .

However , the cheap price of course accompanied by features that are not so fancy . The chipset itself is not equipped with LTE ( long term evolution ) , only the WCDMA and EDGE connections that can be presented on this device . In addition , there was no supporting features WiFi , Bluetooth , camera and FM radio .

3.5-inch screen is likely to be provided on a smart phone Rp300 thousand of Mozilla and Spreadstrum . The operating system which will be used to turn the phone is of course Firefox OS which is the latest OS from Mozilla platform .

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Unfortunately , it is still not known when this phone will be completely manufactured and marketed to the public middle . We'll wait.


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